HPI 87633 Crawler Conversion Set Wheely King

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Long wheelbase kit for improved driving stability



Rock crawling is the latest RC craze to hit 4-wheel vehicles, and instead of the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled craziness of drifting from Japan, this low-speed, thrill-packed off-road adventuring comes from the mountain areas of America!

So what is crawling about? In stark contrast to the often two-dimensional world of circuit racing and drifting on pre-made, unchanging tarmac tracks, crawling gets you to attempt the improbable by attacking near-vertical cliffs, slick rock faces and piles of mountain rubble! Boulders, rock piles, mountain trails and footpaths are the typical location for competitions or fun meetings. Although in competitions the truck owners compete against each other, the magic appeal of rock crawling is that each driver competes against their own abilities, trusting in the strength of their equipment and the machine that is bringing them up the hill.

To make crawling more accessible to HPI customers, we've released a sweet Long Wheelbase Conversion especially for the Wheely King!

The Wheely King has proven to be extremely popular with hobbyists, and it's also become a great project truck for crawling enthusiasts to start a custom crawler build with. To make things even easier for crawling maniacs to get started, the Wheely King conversion kit has just about everything that's needed to convert a 4WD Wheely King into a ‘King Crawler'!

The kit includes everything necessary to extend the wheelbase of the Wheely King, which will make it easier to go over obstacles. Extra lower shock mount positions allow you to fine-tune the suspension action for increased traction at both ends of the truck. Finally, the chassis is flipped around so the battery is at the front, putting the weight just where you need it to get over and across whatever stands in your way.

* Complete conversion kit for Wheely King truck - turn any 4WD Wheely King into a hill-climbing monster!
* Chassis reversed to put battery weight over front axle
* Extended wheelbase (2.25 inches longer)
* Longest wheelbase allowed by US and UK RC crawler rules
* Lightweight aluminium links
* Front-mounted battery for extra stability and improved centre of gravity
* Front and rear locked diffs for extra traction
* Extra link and shock mounts located high on axles for improved clearance
* Can mount servo in standard location or on front axle
* Savage body mounts included to fit Savage & monster truck bodies
* 17mm hex hubs included to fit Savage & monster truck wheels

Extended Wheelbase For extra stability when crawling up steep inclines, the conversion set includes new longer links that extend the wheelbase significantly over the stock Wheely King. Cool anodized aluminium links with tough pivot balls control the linkage and actuation, giving you loads of articulation for extreme angles!

New Lower Shock and Link Mounts To give you the best tuning options and increase the amount of ground clearance, HPI designers have included a new lower shock and link mount with several extra mounting locations. This gives you a multitude of options for tackling the toughest climbs, inclines and rock piles.

Monster Truck Body Mounts For getting a cool custom style, you can't beat the option of attaching different bodies on your crawler. We've included a full set of Savage-size body mounts for fitting dozens of different monster truck bodies! Simply use your Savage or other monster truck body right on, quick and easy, for a quick style change!

All Hardware Included You'll get nearly everything you need to make your Wheely King into a rock-pounding monster! Longer upper plastic links, longer lower aluminium links, pivot points, link and shock mounts, longer drive shafts, locking wheel hubs and Savage-type adjustable body mounts are included in the set. You'll be ready to rock and roll in no time!

With the HPI Wheely King Crawler Conversion, you'll be able to get right out and get crawlin', or build up the project crawler of your dreams!

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