Spektrum DX3 Smart DSMR 3ch TX w/SR315

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Add advanced capabilities easily with the powerful Dashboard App!

It takes only a few simple, affordable upgrades for your DX3 Smart to provide many of the same capabilities as radios that cost much more. Just download the free Spektrum™ Dashboard™ app to your mobile device. Add the BT2000 Bluetooth Module (sold separately) to your transmitter. Then, with no additional sensors or modules, you’ll be able to use the transmitter’s Smart ESC compatibility to receive important telemetry data in real time, right at your fingertips — and can also set up warning alarms and enjoy new programming options!

DX3 with phone mounted and displaying the Dashboard App
DX3 with Dashboard
Exclusive DX3™ Smart Technology: Radio with mobile device mounted to it displaying the Dashboard app. A modeler testing out his Spektrum™ DX3 and Arrma Kraton 8s.
Spektrum Dashboard Logo. The next evolution in Ready-to-Run radios.
  • Spektrum Smart ESC and Battery telemetry ready
  • Connect your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth to your transmitter
  • View top speed, battery voltage and more in real-time
  • Set up temperature and voltage alarms to help prevent damage to important components
  • Program the settings of select transmitter functions
  • Optional phone mount available for attaching your Android or iOS mobile device to the transmitter

Download the   FREE Spektrum Dashboard App

Requires optional Bluetooth Module (SPMBT2000), telemetry-capable receiver and Smart ESC or telemetry sensors

Telemetry Dashboard™

Telemetry Dashboard™

Model Setup Dashboard™

Model Setup

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Easily upgrade your RTR for next-level control

Arrma Infraction in action.
User holding the DX3 with a mobile device attached to it. Displaying the Dashboard™ in action.

The advanced functionality available when using the Dashboard app is especially easy to integrate into ready-to-run vehicles from ARRMA®, Axial® and Losi® brands. Many of these are factory-equipped with Smart-ready ESCs and receivers. Just add the BT2000 Bluetooth Module to your DX3 Smart transmitter and download the free Dashboard app to your smart device. No other changes or additions are needed!

To equip your DX3 Smart Transmitter with the Spektrum Dashboard, you’ll need:

  • Spektrum telemetry-enabled DSMR® receiver
  • Spektrum telemetry sensors and/or Smart ESC
  • Smart Phone Mount (SPM9070)
  • Spektrum Bluetooth Module (SPMBT2000)
  • Smart iOS or Android device (sold separately)

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