FlySky FS-R7D 7-kanals mottaker med 6 lyskanaler for FS-G7P

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The lights are mainly controlled through CH1 and CH2, i.e. the working status of the lights is controlled by hand wheel and trigger. The details are as follows:

NameWorking modeTrigger conditionRemarks
Left turn light Slow flash Left turn  
Right turn light Slow flash Right turn  
Headlight Solid ON Steering wheel clockwise fast rotation for three times After setting the channel reverse, it is counterclockwise
Strobe light Fast Flash Steering wheel counterclockwise fast rotation for three times After setting the channel reverse, it is clockwise
Tail light Solid ON Brake  
Backup light Solid ON Back up  


  1. After the receiver is powered on, all lights perform self-test immediately. After the lights are on for 1 second, they are off.
  2. By default, the headlights and strobe lights are off.
  3. Steering CH1 and throttle CH2 can automatically identify the neutral position.


  • Product Model: FS-R7D

  • Compatible Transmitters: FS-G7P(Surface transmitters with ANT protocol)

  • Model Type: Cars

  • PWM Channels: 7

  • Numbers of Light Interface: 6

  • RF: 2.4GHz ISM

  • 2.4G Protocol: ANT

  • Antenna: Single external antenna(Coaxial)

  • Input Power: 3.5 ~ 9V /DC

  • Working Current: < 90mA(5V)

  • Data Output: PWM/PPM

  • Maximum Power: < 20dBm (e.i.r.p.) (EU)

  • Distance: >300m(Ground distance without interfence)

  • Online Update: Yes

  • Water Proof: PPX4

  • Color: Black

  • Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ +60℃

  • Humidity Range: 20%~95%

  • Dimensions: 35*23.3*13.3mm

  • Weight: 8g

  • Certifications: CE, FCC ID:2A2UNR7D00

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