King Kong RC 1/12 CA30 6X6 Tractor Truck Kit

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King Kong RC
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The ZiS-151 (Russian: ЗиС-151) was general-purpose truck produced by the Soviet car manufacturer Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod imeni Stalina in 1947–1958. In 1956, the factory was renamed to Zavod imeni Likhacheva, and new trucks were called ZiL-151 (ЗиЛ-151).

The ZiS-151 was the first major Soviet military all-wheel-drive truck built following World War II, replacing the imported U.S. Studebaker US6 and the earlier Soviet ZiS-6. In early 1948, the cabs were made of wood, soon replaced with a steel cab. Tens of thousands were produced, including specialized versions for hauling different types of cargo. The Soviets also found the trucks an ideal platform for BM-13 Katyusha rocket launchers.

The most famous developments of ZiS-151 were the BTR-152 armored personnel carrier and the BAV 485 amphibious vehicle.

In 1958, an improved model, the ZIL-157, was introduced. It differed outwardly by its grille and having single rear tires, instead of the ZiL-151's dual tires. Both models remained in production side by side until 1966.

In 1956, the Chinese began license building the ZiS-151 as the Jiefang CA10 at First Automobile Works, with slightly more power and angular front fenders. The improved single tire CA30, introduced in 1958, remained in production until 1986.


  • Material: ABS hard plastic, Wood, Aluminum ,Zinc
  • An exact replica of the full-scale truck.
  • Easy to be painted and electroplated.
  • Color: Primary Color as like the first picture.
  • Single Speed Transmission
  • Final Transmission Ration: 1:21
  • Speed: about 15km/h
  • Metal Differential
  • Realistic Metal Ladder Frame Chassis.
  • Realistic Metal Front Axle.
  • Realistic Metal Rear Axle.
  • Realistic Leaf Spring.
  • Realistic Wheel.
  • Realistic Tire.
  • Metal Transmission.
  • Total Length: 22.56in / 573mm.
  • Body Width: 8.25in / 209.5mm.
  • Total Height: 8.307in / 211mm.
  • Wheel Base: 15.945in / 405mm.
  • Total Weight: About 12.39lb / 5.62kg
  • Cab Wheel Trims: 7.31in / 184mm
  • Both the doors and the hood (bonnet) of the truck cab can open and close.
  • All the doors of the truck bed can put down and put up.

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