Caddx Peanut FPV Action Camera

Rått og smått actionkamera til drone/fly/bil/person!

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Caddx FPV
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Action camera for FPV
1440P 50fps 30 minutes Stabilization
2.5k resolution 30min recording in FPV mode FlowState Stabilization
External power Remote Control 10 metres
Record while charging Start/stop recording remotely WiFi Preview
Auto Editing Hyperlapse Slow Motion
Your edit with FlashCut 2.0 Up to 6x faster than real life 1920x1080@120fps
27g ultralight weight
Peanut is the world's smallest action camera,
co-developed by Insta360 and CaddxFPV
specially for the FPV community.
Magnetic charging
Peanut with two power supply modes: built—in power
supply and external power supply, with external power
supply, you dont need to worry about low battery
and the footage will not be lost even when
the power is interrupted.
Built—in power supply:
20 minutes of shooting (FlowState Stabilization mode)
External power supply:
record while charging, no need to worry about battery issue
30 minutes recording time
Peanut can record up to 30mins with
FlowState stabilization in FPV mode (Ensure that with-external power supply and good heat dissipation)
Remote control
Peanut can be connected to the flight
controller for power supply and start/stop
recording remotely via UART. 
FlowState Stabilization:
FlowState Stabilization will keep your
shot smooth.
Wi-Fi control
You can preview your shot in real
time over WiFi and adjust settings
through insta360 APP.
Choose the aspect ratios freely
Enhanced camera protection
Optimize the fixed structure of the
camera to reduce damage caused
by drone crashes
ND filter set
ND filter can help to reduce light
intake to get balanced color and
contrast, can also reduce jello.

* ND8/ND16 included in package
Remote Control Configuration
Peanut camera uses two power supply modes: built—in battery and 5V external
power supply. The Peanut camera supports remote control of the camera’s
power on/off and start/stop of the video recording through the controller. The
following example uses the Betaflight F405 flight controller to explain how to
configure the remote control to turn the video recording function on/off. The
connection diagram is shown in the figure below. Use the TX1 pin on the flight
controller to control the recording.

and connect the white wire. If you use a different flight controller, different TX
pads may be available instead of TX1 and they may use different resource
assignments. You will need to adjust the configuration accordingly for your
specific flight controller.
Configure the PINIO function of TX1 pin through the following Betaflight commands.

resource SERIAL_TX 1 NONE  //Turn off the serial port function of TX1 spindle
resource PINIO 1 A09 //Configure the TX1 pin (A09 pin) as the No. 1 PINIO function
set pinio_box = 40,255,255,255 //Set PINIO function interval
save //Save configuration

The following diagram configures the PINIO function mapping relationship
between the remote control and the flight control. In Betaflight Configuration,
the PINIO function No. 1 (ie USERT1 in the figure below) corresponds to the
AUX channel of the remote control.
To activate or deactivate functions on the camera, you will need to move the switch from inactive (white area) to the active state (yellow area) and then back to the inactive state (white area).

Your flight controller and radio controller switch configuration must match the
setup of your own equipment. Make sure you know what you are doing before
configuring. If you do not use the remote control function, cut or insulate the
White wires separately and do not connect to any location.
Model: Peanut camera
Weight: 27g
Dimensions: 52mmx24mmx21mm
Power supply range: ~5V@1A (Or use 2S-6S step—down module)
Lens aperture: F/2.2
ISO: Auto, 100-3200
35mm equivalent focal length: 11.24mm
EV: +-4EV
Video resolution: 2560x1440@50fps, 30fps, 25fps, 24fps; 1920x1080@50fps, 30fps, 25fps, 24fps.
Video mode: Pro Video (FlowState stabilization), Video (Basic stabilization), HDR, Timelapse, TimeShift (Hyperlapse), Slow Motion
Storage: 32GB (~28GB usable)
Video format: Mp4
Video codec: H.264
Video maximum bit rate: 80Mbps
USB: Type-C
Charging Method: Power connector or USB connector
Charging Time: 23 mins — 80% / 35 mins — 100%
Bluetooth: BLE 5.0
Wi-Fi: 5G (standard range approx. 10m)
Operating environment: -20°C ~ 40°C
Packing list
1 * Peanut Camera
1 * Mount Adapter
1 * Power connector
1 * USB connector
2 * Mx1.25 3-Pin Power Cable
1 * 25-6S Step—down Module
1 * ND 8 Filter
1 * ND16 Filter
1 * Pack of Camera Mounting Screws and Nuts
1 * User Manual
1 * Wiping cloth

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